Kazakh Scientific Research Institute for Road Safety



With the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Malaysia, on March 19, 2024, a working meeting between “Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Road Safety” and Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) was held where a memorandum of understanding and cooperation was signed. This step marks the beginning of a new stage of cooperation between the two leading scientific organizations in the field of road safety.

The purpose of the memorandum is to establish a working agreement on cooperation aimed at strengthening, promoting and developing joint research and initiatives in the field of road safety, introduction of innovative technologies and methodologies to reduce road accidents, as well as exchange of experience and knowledge between the countries.

During the meeting a possibility of participation of Malaysian scientists in the development of departmental standard “Road Traffic Safety Procedures” developed by “KazDORNII” JSC jointly with “Kazakh Scientific Research Institute of Road Safety” LLP within the framework of the assignment of the Committee for Roads of the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Kazakhstan was discussed.

MIROS is making a significant contribution to improving road safety in Malaysia, learning from their practices of standards and strategies will enhance the capacity of Kazakhstani road safety professionals. Working together will have a positive impact on road safety not only in our countries, but also in the Central Asian and Asia-Pacific regions as a whole.

This agreement involves joint efforts by two leading research institutes to reduce road traffic accidents, deaths and severity of road traffic crashes (RTCs).  The main areas of cooperation include road safety, implementation and development of the International Road Project Assessment System (IRAP), and other areas in the road safety industry.


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