Kazakh Scientific Research Institute for Road Safety


Mr. Arystan Massanov, director of «Kazakh Scientific Research Institute for Road Traffic Safety», alongside with deputy director, Mr. Zhandos Amanbayev have participated in the meeting in London «International Road Assessment Program in Europe: Advancing Road Infrastructure Safety towards 2030» on 25th-26th September 2023.

At this meeting, road authorities, international financial institutions and IRAP partners shared best practices and strategies for achieving road safety targets. Matt Staton from National Highways-England, Angela Byrne from Welsh government have made presentation and shared their thoughts. Also presentations were made by IRAP leading experts Monica Olysagers, Marko Sevrovic, Sarah Taylor, Samar Abouraad. Also IFI representatives Debbie Cousins from European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Brendan Halleman from European Investment Bank talked about plans. Since Institute is pioneering organization working on IRAP in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, Institute management has presented situation with road safety and working with IRAP in Kazakhstan. We have shared information about implementation of IRAP in Kazakhstan, projects financed by IFIs, government activities and our own initiatives.

As it is know, IRAP methodology is leading mechanism for improving road safety, and our Institute is working on IRAP implementation in Kazakhstan.


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