Kazakh Scientific Research Institute for Road Safety


Committee for Roads Ministry of industry and infrastructural development Republic of Kazakhstan and SweRoad jointly with «Kazakh Scientific Research Institute for Road Traffic Safety» are implementation the project on implementation of IRAP international road safety assessment program in in Kazakhstan, within the framework of World Bank loan.

   As per project requirement 5000 kilometers of Republican roads have been completed Survey is being executed by trained specialists of Republican State Enterprise «National Center for the Quality of Road Assets» and JSC «KazDorNII» with the support of SweRoad and LLP «Kazakh Scientific Research Institute for Road Traffic Safety». One of major aims of the project is capacity building of national assets in the field of road traffic safety and ensuring that Kazakhstani expert have international level expertise and apply best practices for the future assessment of the roads. 

Coding of road attributes will be next stage after survey is completed. It would allow to have full and comprehensive picture of real present situation on roads in terms of road safety. It considers more than 60 attributes on each 100 meters. Such deep detailing is needed to exclude any possibility of missing some characteristics because it is clear that there are no unimportant details when it come to road traffic safety and lives of millions of people in Kazakhstan and elsewhere. 

At present computers are installed in JSC «KazDorNII» with necessary SABS software provided by Afry, and KazDorNII specialists have began coding process on 28th October 2020.
Same equipment will be installed in head office «National Center for the Quality of Road Assets», and specialist of this organization will start coding process.

After completion of coding process each section will be given Star Rating in accordance with IRAP standards and guidelines, and based on the received information investment plan for further actions will be prepared for the improving of road traffic safety, with final aim to reduce accidents and mainly deaths and injury rates on roads of Kazakhstan.


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